Tributes to former Bambinos band member and frontman of By By

Liam Pease-Smith, who has died
Liam Pease-Smith, who has died

A young musician who captivated crowds with his stage presence has died.

Liam Pease-Smith wrote lyrics in a band called The Bambinos, which released an EP called In Bed With The Bambinos in 2010.

But he was arguably best known for his fiery, confrontational stage presence, fronting another band called By By.

He played keyboard and had a unique singing style, and was appreciated by fellow music fans for his honesty and enthusiasm, both of which shone through in his performances.

Mr Pease-Smith, who was from Pontefract but recently lived in Outwood, died last week aged 24.

Rob Stokes, whose label Philophobia Music released some of his material, said he had held a “vital place” in the city’s music scene.

He said: “He never considered himself a singer but there was something that drew you in, you could not keep your eyes off him when he was onstage. I didn’t always agree with what he did but I respected what he wanted to do.

“He was quite an in-your-face kind of person but he had ideas bubbling around all the time. He’d come into the pub with a load of ideas, saying ‘we’re going to this’.

“The way he said it, it was like nothing was going to stop him. Most of his ideas were never realised, but you want to have someone around who dreams that much.

“He’s certainly going to be missed.”

In a tribute on his blog, Rhubarb Bomb editor Dean Freeman said Mr Pease-Smith was a “complete one-off”.

He said: “Even if was only for a few seconds, you’d certainly remember a meeting with Liam.”