Tributes to ‘nice guy’

I HAVE just recently attended the funeral of a friend and ex-work colleague, Carl Parker of Featherstone.

I knew and worked with Carl throught he 80s and 90s at Wilkinson’s Furniture, they were the last of the good times in the factories, anyone who worked in similar places will understand what I mean.

There were bonds formed in those days, ones which you never forget. They were without doubt the best years of my working life and people like Carl made it possible.

Carl’s big loves were his family and friends and also brass bands, he was an accomplished cornet player in many top local bands.

This was reflected at his funeral, where fellow band members played throughout the service and they also led a very emotional march leading the coffin and family into the crematorium.

He was truly one of the nicest men you could ever meet and that was why the church service was full and standing.

His father Mick and brother Dean did Carl proud by putting on one of the most moving and memorable occasions I have had the privilege to witness.

God speed Carl, you were one of life’s nice guys.


North Baileygate