Tripe is still on Schofield’s menu

Nigel Schofield.
Nigel Schofield.

Castleford’s 140-year-old tripe shop has re-opened as a modern deli.

Schofield’s nearly stopped selling the offal, made from cows’ stomach lining, after moving from Castleford Market to Carlton Street.

But Nigel Schofield, one of several generations of the family to run the business, was persuaded to keep selling tripe by his grandad Roy.

Nigel said tripe sales had declined in recent years and Schofield’s now sells more sandwiches, salads, cheeses and pies. He said: “We used to sell udder, cow heel and dark tripe in times gone by. Tripe was one of the original fast foods. During the war it wasn’t rationed so you could get as much as you wanted. It was classed as a health food.

“I wasn’t going to continue selling it but my father, who is 88, talked me into it. I said I’d give it a bash. To be honest, it’s not gone too bad.”