Truancy penalty notices issued

Math blackboard / chalkboard
Math blackboard / chalkboard

More than 400 penalty notices were issued for truancy across the district during the past academic year, the latest figures show.

Parents or carers can be issued with fixed penalty notices of £50 for truancy, holidays in term time or poor attendance and punctuality.

They can also be prosecuted for failing to ensure a child attends school regularly and on time, leading to fines of £2,500 or even a prison sentence.

Figures released by the Department for Education last week, show 426 fixed penalty notices were issued in Wakefield and six people were prosecuted who failed to improve their child’s attendance in the compulsory 12-week time frame.

The figures also showed there were 830 persistent primary school absentees and 1,657 persistent secondary school absentees.

But council chiefs say even just being late by 15 minutes each day can add up to two weeks of missed education a year.

National figures also rose.