UKIP’s district deputy resigns over gay marriage

UKIP’s Arnie Craven has resigned as deputy chairman of the party’s Wakefield branch.

Mr Craven told the Express he was quitting following the party’s decision to sack youth division leader, Olly Neville last month for revealing he was reprimanded by UKIP bosses for supporting gay marriage.

Mr Craven, who stood for the Airedale seat last year, said he was concerned about the party’s “shift” towards a right-wing stance on gay marriage and immigration.

He said: “I support gay marriage and while I do believe immigration should be restricted, I’m not happy about a tone that is so repeatedly negative about it. I’m not a right-wing populist. I’m a liberal at heart. I want a state that gets off people’s backs, not one that tells them who they can and can’t marry.”