Unions can pay their way

I UNDERSTAND, through figures provided under the Freedom of Information Act, that Wakefield Council pays the salaries of six employees who are engaged in full time union duties, at a cost to the council of £213,895.00 – yes nearly a quarter of a million pounds.

As everybody, including the council, is strapped for cash this is luxury that we can’t afford. It should be stopped along with Councillor Box’s Citizen paper, which I would imagine most people just throw into the waste bin.

The figure of £213,895 divided by six comes to £35,649.16, it looks like someone’s on a pretty good wage, unless there are some added costs included in the amount.

That’s a point, do we also provide them with paper, envelopes, stamps and secretarial services into the bargain? The unions are big boys, they should pay their own way, and not sponge of the backs of the hard pressed council tax payers.

The savings from the Citizen paper and the paid union staff I would imagine could be massive. Seeing that frontline services are being cut, I’m sure that most people would opt for the money to be put back where it’s needed, and not into union pockets.

Would Coun Box and chief executive Joanne Roney care to give us their opinion on the aforementioned subject?


Denton Gardens