United by a musical note

A FEW weeks ago in Ian Clayton’s entertaining column he talked about foreign musicians.Can I recommend one? His name is Milivoj Culibrk and he is from Belgrade, Serbia. I first heard his songs on a music site.

I started messaging him and we have developed a real friendship.I am a railway photographer and emailed a few to Milivoj. He encouraged me to set up my own website which I have done. He now wants to use some of my photos in his first video.

He and his other half Brankyna are lovely folk. Milivoj writes all his songs and plays all the instruments too. The thing I like about his music is that it is so diverse, one song could be folky and mellow and the next a real ballsy rocker. He has invited my wife Joanne and me to Belgrade and I hope one day we will make it. From Ferrybridge to Belgrade a friendship is forged! Proof too that the internet is not all bad.

Last Sunday he had his first play on a folk station in Ohio and in doing so became the first musician from Serbia to be played on American radio. I’d love this dear man to get the success he so deserves and any publicity would be good.

Thanks for the column by the way. I loved the one about Ian’s grandad coming home from the pit on his last day. My grandfather worked on the seams til he retired and I was quite emotional when I read it. The column of January 27 about libraries was really good too. A wonderful service few people use, yet how awful would it be if we lost them? Books don’t just feed the mind,they also furnish a room.

Thank you Ian.


Mill View