Urban fitness classes offer

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FOR those who feel unable to commit to a gym or find boot camps too severe, Wakefield Council has organised ‘urban fitness’ classes at Castleford swimming pool and Featherstone sports complex.

Instructor Craig Jones is at Castleford Pool on Mondays and Featherstone on Wednesdays from 6pm to 7pm. Unlike many, Craig tends to vary his routines and uses a mix of dedicated fitness and improvised kit plus whatever the venue offers, providing a varied and challenging workout suited to his students.

Given prior knowledge of an individual’s medical condition he will give people variations on the programme everybody else is doing, one example of this being, “you must not do this Bill so you’re to go down to and round the rugby posts at your best speed!”

An excellent programme, however it’s only of use if you keep it up.

On Wednesday evening 7.15pm-7.45pm at Featherstone sports complex there’s a ‘core Stability’ class.

My club (Blue Lagooners Triathlon Club) coach, also Triathlon England’s Northern coach, states that core stability is the basis of fitness.

Fortunately he’s not taking this class! Now I know why I’m so unfit. Our instructor takes us through a series of challenging moves, some of which also challenge the balance as well as the core muscles.

Happily us beginners are allowed to take rests when it all becomes too much and we gasp in discomfort as the middle refuses to do any more for the moment! An excellent class which I expect will improve my ability to get fit as I progress.


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