Urban myths debunked

WITH reference to the problem at the Eastern Court Chinese restaurant (Express, June 6), people will always believe what they want to believe, no matter how ridiculous and implausible the story might be.

Indeed within the last fortnight I am informed through my emails that I have won from two separate sources one sum of more than six million dollars and a second of 10.5 million dollars, in fact on the larger one I am urged to reply quickly because somebody has already tried to claim in my name. But the point is some people will believe this rubbish, just as a lot of people have chosen to believe the silly ‘dog microchip’ tale.

Since Eastern Court’s opening my family have enjoyed many meals there, both in the buffet and a-la-carte restaurants and we shall continue to do so. The staff are always welcoming, polite and attentive. The menus are comprehensive and as good as you will get anywhere in the area. And the premises are immaculate, what more could one want?

The day after we read the report we made a special point of dining there just to show our support, and we thoroughly enjoyed it. The manager and his staff do not deserve to be placed in this position.

Finally when these urban myths are doing the rounds, the people who relate the tale are never closer to the ‘victim’ than ‘my friend’s cousin’. And after all this publicity, where’s the dentist, where’s the chip and the poor customer? Surely they would need to be refunded the cost of the dental treatment and a meal at the very minimum.


The Holes