‘Valleys’ have fallen by wayside

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II’S good to read that residents of the Smawthorne Welfare are attempting to rejuvenate their area (Express, May 24 edition).

However, this case is also evident at the nearby Valley Gardens park on Lower Oxford Street.

There are only four benches (two of which are surrounded by broken glass), the children’s playing area has also been torn up and vandalised, the grass is completely overgrown and the little bins are overflowing.

Instead of Mr Humphries and his team from the council offering support to local groups to maintain and develop our parks and open spaces, maybe his team should be taking the lead.

The ‘Valleys’ used to be a great place, with swings, roundabout and play area, it also used to be colourful with lots and lots of flowers but sadly this has all gone by the wayside.


Lower Oxford Street