VIDEO: The house that is haunting an entire community

A house in Castleford is haunting passers-by thanks to its extravagant and eerie Hallowe’en decorations.

The property on Checkstone Avenue in Whitwood has been the talk of the town since owner Carlos Gibson put up his subtle, yet spooky, projection effects in his upstairs windows.

He has even covered the external walls of the house in cobwebs and police tape.

But when night falls, it really comes to life - or should that be afterlife - when silhouettes of spectres and zombies are projected into an upstairs window, while a strobe light gently flickers in the next window.

Carlos, who really goes to town on decorations during Hallowe’en and Christmas every year, said: “People think it’s expensive but it’s just an old movie projector and a sheet against the window.

“I downloaded some moving images from the internet onto a DVD and play it. It looks great but it’s quite simple really.

“People love it, when I’m setting it all up people usually stop to ask about it.

“It usually attracts huge crowds, everyone really gets involved with the whole trick or treating thing in the community and it’s a place where everyone congregates on the night.”

The 35-year-old father-of-two says that on Hallowe’en, which is next Tuesday, he will also be playing music and spooky sounds from a speaker to accompany the moving images.

“We really love doing it, maybe it’s something we should do for charity,” he added.