Villagers send a clear message to developers

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Village residents have sent a clear message to developers who want to build huge new housing estates with more than 140 raising objections to the plans.

The closing date for submitting objections or support to Leeds City Council is today, May 17, with many already making their feelings clear.

Coun Murray hopes the plans will be rejected.

Coun Murray hopes the plans will be rejected.

Many point out that the village’s infrastructure is already buckling under the pressure of more recent developments, that Allerton Bywater has already contributed to Leeds City Council’s house-building needs and that traffic impact has not been considered thoroughly.

Emma Lumb, of Westfield Terrace, wrote: “The village has done its fair share for housing and enough is enough.

“It is vastly becoming too much and the social changes over the past 10 years are very apparent, there are more crimes and more anti-social behaviour than ever.

“More houses are a disaster waiting to happen on our resources that are already stretched to the limit.”

Many say the development is so big that the village could start merging with nearby Kippax.

Indeed, the adjacent site - at the back of Brigshaw School - is already earmarked for eventual development for 500 homes, taking the total to almost 1,000.

Long-time resident Anne Hargreaves, of Highfield Green, added: “I have lived in the village all of my 63 years, it is not a village anymore, it’s becoming a mini town, and will soon meet up with Kippax if this carries on - not that I have a problem with Kippax or its lovely people, but our green land is being spoilt.”

Deborah Wright, of Main Street, said: “Should this development be allowed to go ahead then the village will be lost to the ‘fat cats’ who are only interested in profit not the future of the village or it’s residents.”

The developers have already angered many by saying they would challenge a safeguarding order on the site from Leeds City Council to protect it from development until 2028.

Allerton Bywater Parish Council recently told the Express it would be objecting, with chairman Stephen Murray saying he was “quite confident” the plans would be rejected over infrastructure issues.