Wake up call to residents

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A WAKE up call to the residents of Low and High Ackworth!

The pretty little lane that links Long Lane to Station Road, fondly known as Lee Lane, is NOT a dog toilet!

It’s a place that people should be able to walk and run, where children can walk to school or ride their bicycles or scooters or whatever activity they choose without dodging the piles and piles of dog poop.

I stopped counting at 15 piles this morning as I walked holding my breath.

The aroma of freshly prepared and stale dog poop still lingers in my memory.

Please dog owners, you know who you are, take your filthy mess with you! It’s grotesque!

Polite notice to Wakefield/parish council, a dog poop bin at either end of the lane would be a start. We wouldn’t want these poor dog owners having to carry their little bags of poop very far would we?

Don’t even get me started on the litter, one thing at a time!


Long Meadow

High Ackworth