Wakefield named in top 20 best cities to raise a family

General view of the square, Rishworth Street, Wakefield. (Andrew Bellis)
General view of the square, Rishworth Street, Wakefield. (Andrew Bellis)

Wakefield has been named as one of the UK’s best cities in which to raise a family - but Leeds and Bradford are among the worst.

Wakefield took twelfth spot in Moneysupermarket.com’s UK Family Living Index of 35 cities behind Newcastle, which was named the country’s most family-friendly large city.

Yet Bradford and Leeds were both near the bottom of the list, occupying 31st and 32nd place respectively.

The survey took into account factors such as crime rates, school rankings, property prices, green space, employment figures and average income.

Meanwhile London was bottom of the table thanks to its extremely high house prices, huge competition for school places and high rate of burglaries.

Kevin Pratt from MoneySuperMarket said: “Parents naturally want the best for their children, whether it’s a good school, a safe and leafy neighbourhood, or plenty of career opportunities when they grow up.”

The List

1. Newcastle-upon-Tyne

2. Derby

3. Wolverhampton

4. Southampton

5. Bath

6. Nottingham

7. Coventry

8. York

9. Oxford

10. Stoke-on-Trent

11. Portsmouth

12. Wakefield

13. Swansea

14. Liverpool

15. Sunderland

16. Manchester

17. Leicester

18. Aberdeen

19. Chester

20. Plymouth

21. Peterborough

22. Edinburgh

23. Bristol

24. Cardiff

25. Belfast

26. Birmingham

27. Brighton and Hove

28. Kingston Upon Hull

29. Glasgow

30. Sheffield

31. Bradford

32. Leeds


34. Newry

35. London