Wakefield Real Junk Food Project flooded after pipe bursts

Real Junk Food Project founder Adam Smith
Real Junk Food Project founder Adam Smith

The headquarters of social enterprise the Real Junk Food Project has been flooded after a water main burst.

The building on Denby Dale Road in Wakefield is where the organisation stores food that it has saved from landfill to make into meals on a pay-as-you-feel basis.

It hopes to eliminate food waste and help hungry people.

In a statement, the Real Junk Food Project said: "The Wakefield Sharehouse is completely flooded. A hot water pipe has burst overnight underneath the sink and water has been flowing out throughout the night. Everything is covered in condensation.

"It’s like a sauna in here and we now have no water supply.

"This has been a challenging week to say the least and things seem to come all at once. We may now have to close today because it’s not really safe for our customers and friends to be here and there’s a lot of stock that won’t be fit for human consumption.

"Now is the time where we may need to ask your help. There’s probably going to be a closure and some more costs incurred."

"Also if anyone knows a plumber...message us Thank you"

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