Wakefield's ABC Cinema: From an ice rink to a music venue, here are your ideas for the building earmarked for demolition

The crumbling building on Kirkgate has stood empty since the late 1990s.
The crumbling building on Kirkgate has stood empty since the late 1990s.

A planning application to demolish Wakefield's derelict ABC cinema and transform the land into a car park has been met with some criticism from you, our readers.

The crumbling building on Kirkgate has stood empty since the late 1990s, has fallen in disrepair and become a magnet for vandals over the years.

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A new planning application has now been submitted to Wakefield Council by PS and S Property Developers Ltd for demolition and turn the land into a temporary car park for six years in order for the owner to collect revenue due to a lack of potential buyers for the land.

But readers took to Facebook to share their views - the majority of which were giving their disapproval to the plan in place, instead giving their ideas.

Here's what you have been saying:

Andy Caines said: "Only Wakefield Council would let this happen. This building could be refurbished and turned into a much needed medium sized music venue which would attract bands from all over the world, Music, i.e, metal / rock / punk / soul / pop / rap, anything really like Leeds O2 plus comedians and events like beer festivals etc. Surely it could make a profit and be a good asset for the city centre. But no, we'll end up with a car park .Another historic classic building lost in Wakefield .Shame on you Wakefield council you're a disgrace."

Richard Stephenson said: "What a waste of a wonderful building, this could have been refurbished for a cinema and for community use."

Nichola Holroyd: "Wish they would reopen it as a vintage picture house and show old movies with a Bugsy Malone style bar!"

Yvonne Bielby: "Why don’t we start a funding page to save it, buy and refurbish it? Let it be the people’s cinema - money goes to hospitals or good causes in Wakefield."

Graeme D Dunn said: "Wakefield has too many car parks for the dwindling visitor numbers. Invest in the place. Council should buy it and turn it into a multi-functional hub, which is what analysts say we want in our city centres. Like an XScape type entertainment complex."

Beverley Noble: "Should be renovated into a pub with entertainment/hotel. I stayed in a hotel in Liverpool city centre last year that used to be a cinema years ago and they kept loads of features and pictures from old films on the walls. It was strange, a bit eerie on some corridors I thought, but was lovely."

Readers were also quick to ask why the city centre needs another car park.

Ruth Church said: "Why not a car park for patrons of Sun Lane swimming baths, as WMDC had a fantastic idea, 'let’s build a fantastic swimming pool' but not bother having a car park!"

Mark Bain: "No point in another car park when theres no shops worth visiting anymore."

Mark Norris: "Wonderful. That's what we really need is another car park. Just to generate revenue without much cost."

Ash White: "Wakefield is already just one giant car park."

Jurgen Mitchell: "Car park charges are too expensive, no wonder the shops are closing the charges don't help."

Gillian Evans: "What a tragic end to a fab building. Shame on everyone involved."