Wakey Wheeled Cats are on the prowl for new members

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The city’s roller derby team, Wakey Wheeled Cats, is on the hunt for new players and officials.

During the past six months the Cats have welcomed a new set of ‘kittens’ to the team, hosted, and won, two home bouts, as well as celebrating their fifth birthday in May.

And now they’re ready to welcome the newest members to the league.

The Cats are holding a series of open days this summer, where skaters, referees and non-skating officials can see what the tough sport of roller derby is all about.

Cats’ captain Kirsty Quinn said: “Roller derby is the fastest growing sport in the country so we’re opening up our doors for anyone to get involved. We’re looking for female skaters, aged over 18, and male or female referees.

“And you don’t need to be able to skate to get started. Most of us were complete novices when we joined, so we will teach you everything you need to know to be safe and effective on your skates.

“A roller derby league wouldn’t be able to succeed without dedicated referees and officials. We’ll help you crack the rules and we can guarantee you’ll love it.

“Roller derby is a great sport - and perfect for people of all fitness levels.”

Dedicated skaters, referees and coaches will be on hand to tell you everything you want to know about the fastest sport on the flat track at the following sessions:

Saturday, August 2: 11.30am-1pm

Saturday, August 9: 11.30am - 1pm

Wednesday, August 13: 7pm-8pm

All the sessions take place at Lightwaves Leisure Centre, Marsh Way, Wakefield, and training starts for new members on Saturday August 16 at 12pm.

Places are limited so e-mail WWCrecruitment@hotmail.co.uk to secure a spot.

Find the Cats on Facebook and Twitter or visit our website www.wakeywheeledcats.co.uk