We dare not be unwell!

AS A lifelong resident of Pontefract I am writing to say how disgusted and appalled my wife and I are about what has happened to what was a very good hospital.

When I was a boy Pinderfields General Infirmary was a small hospital on Southgate with about five wards and a beautiful frontage, which hopefully will continue to be preserved.

I was born and went to school in Pontefract and got my first job here before being called up to the army in 1945.

After demob I carried on in the same job and about ten years later I met the girl who became my wife, lucky me! She was a southerner living with her parents near Pontefract, when we met she was a trainee nurse at PGI.

My wife did two periods of nursing traing at Pontefract and both ourselves and our sons have been patients at the hospital and received the best treatment.

None of us can comprehend why a very good hospital with 500 beds should be demolished and replaced with only a ‘cottage hospital’ with possibly only 60 beds!

At 42 years old the hospital could not be called old and surely any alterations to bring it up-to-date could have been done at no great cost?

Most people we know do not think much of the new hospital or the service it provides.

A case in point is when I needed an appointment with audiology and had to wait more than four months.

Personally I have decided I can no longer drive down Friarwood as I just cannot bear to see the empty space that was once PGI.

To avoid doing that I am obliged to make quite a big detour to reach Knottingley Road.

We are both disabled and fairly elderly so the thought of having to go to Wakefield or Dewsbury does not appeal to us. Therefore we have decided we just dare not be ill.


Lynwood Crescent