‘We must invest in town centres’

THERE has been a lot of debate in the Express over recent weeks in relation to a need for more investment in Pontefract town centre, with regard to possibly painting the frontage of the buildings and replacing the old market stalls and also more car parking.

All these are good ideas; there is a desperate need for the regeneration of the town centres, not only in Pontefract but all the Five Towns. If we want to keep them we must invest in them.

Over the last couple of years there has seen a drive to promote the castle for outside events and quite rightly so, it is probably the jewel in the crown of Pontefract.

An idea to start with would be for the council to compulsory purchase the old disused Sainters fruit and vegetable merchants behind the castle on Back Northgate and flatten it and turn it into a car park. It could be used for when special events are taking place and also for overspill from the town.

At the moment the site is an absolute disgrace, especially next to an area of such historical importance, it has been a blot on the landscape for over 20 years. It is only a small step but it’s a start.

The money needed to accomplish this would be peanuts compared to what has been spent in Wakefield. It’s about time our MP and local councillors started doing what they have been elected to do and start fighting our corner.

They keep talking a good game but talk does not get anything done, we need action now and not spin.


North Baileygate