We need A&E close to home

UNFORTUNATELY early last month I had to call an ambulance for my wife when she became ill. The response time was very good and the treatment by the medics was also very good.

When she was in the ambulance before it left our house the crew were told all patients were being diverted from Pinderfields to Dewsbury. We had expected to go to Pontefract, which is approximately six minutes away from our home, but this is not a fully functional A&E – walking wounded only with no ambulance patients accepted. Isn’t it great when drunks and druggies have their very own medical centre?

A decision was made to take my wife to Doncaster as it is nearer than Dewsbury. On the way the crew got a call to say all patients were being diverted from Dewsbury as it also was full. Had the decision been taken to go to Dewsbury God knows where we would have finished up.

The journey time was approximately 30 minutes instead of six. It is high time the Mid Yorkshire NHS Hospitals Trust health authority is held to account for its failings of our NEW hospital and its staffing levels, we need a fully functional and properly staffed A&E in Pontefract. The cost of diverting must be huge.

My final point is had I not been able to follow the ambulance in my car my wife would have been stuck in Doncaster until a time when transport was available to bring her home. We are both OAPs and luckily I am still able to drive.


Arncliffe Drive