We provide a ‘free lunch’

I HAVE just been fortunate to have had a holiday in Spain recently, it seems to me nobody has told them they are on the verge of bankruptcy.

Anyone walking through the streets of old Benidorm cannot help noticing all the expensive boutiques and cafes filled with the Spanish spending euros they don’t have. Then you realise they are spending our money – the money we are paying into the European Union (EU).

They continue to live the high life in the sun while down the Benidorm strip the Brits are looking for the BOGOF offers to make their pound go further.

While we in the north of Eurpoe are experiencing huge cuts in our standards of living you can imagine all the Mediterranean countries living the same way as Spain, having a free lunch on our tab – it is only a matter of time before someone goes bust.

At least when they go to the wall they will have the sun and sea to compensate them, while all we have is expensive fuel bills and X Factor to look forward to.


North Baileygate