What a waste of NHS cash

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RECENTLY my girlfriend of many years had to attend hospital for an assessment for an operation to take place on Tuesday July 5.

The assessment and the operation were at Barlborough Treatment Centre, Chesterfield. This is 37 miles from Pontefract and costs £100 return by taxi and is impossible to reach by public transport. This created a cost to the NHS of £200 in addition to the treatment cost because the first aid room that is now based in Pontefract couldn’t provide this treatment. The white elephant known as Pinderfields is currently six months behind with non-urgent issues. I have no reservation in saying that this is wholly unacceptable situation for our local health care.

The continued bleating of ‘it’s not my fault’ by both the Mid Yorkshire NHS Trust chief executive Julia Squire and of our MP Yvette Cooper infuriates me.

Ms Squire states the hospital demand is rising by five per cent each year, but her decisions of past years have reduced Pontefract Hospital from 300 beds to just 30. A reduction of 90 per cent in the face of five per cent rising demand, what kind of executive decision is this? Unfortunately, we have no influence over whether Ms Squire keeps her job or not, if we did, I feel certain she would be joining the list of chief executives that were removed following the banking crisis.

Less than a year ago Yvette Cooper was featured outside the new PGI building basically telling us ‘look what I’ve done for you’. Now that we see the new hospital is a bitter disappointment in comparison to the one we had, she claims she didn’t know the entire plan for the new hospital and that the NHS Trust has broken its promises.

It may be worth reminding her that she was a minister in the last government and she would have been better making sure she did know the details of a major issue concerning her constituency and spending less time aiming to replace Tony Blair.

As far as the NHS Trust breaking promises, it was her government that set out the rules and guidelines that this body has to comply with. If these rules allow taking very large salaries for not doing the job, who would Ms Cooper consider to be the true guilty party?


Monument Lane