What is ‘creditable’?

ONLY fools would refer to charitable and voluntary groups working hard in the best interests of Pontefract as described by Eric Jackson, (Express letters September 1), I am pleased and privileged to assist many groups in their work and will continue to do so, and would appeal to others to join any group of people working for Pontefract in the name of civic pride.

A neighbour of Mr Jackson from Larks Hill contacted me with a copy of a letter published in the Express on June 24 2010, when I was asking Mr Jackson for ‘democratic answers’ to his letter of May 20 2010.

Mr Jackson’s letter referred to the returns of the referendum carried out in Pontefract in September 2009 when 1,564 Pomfretians voted to create a town council and 1,429 voted against, a majority of 135 in favour.

Mr Jackson did not accept the 135 majority and supported a second referendum.

Governments are elected with much less majorities.

My question to Mr Jackson then and now is what does he consider to be a ‘creditable majority’?

He refused to answer in June 2010, will he answer now?

He also agreed that the 2,304 people who signed the petition requesting a town council should not have their names registered in favour of a town council without an explanation.

In the name of democracy, will he now explain why people who sign the petition requesting a town council to be created should not have their names added to the final results giving a majority of 2,439?

To assist Mr Jackson and others, the second referendum carried out in March 2010 resulted in more responses in favour of a town council than against.


Ferrybridge Road