When Ollie met Olly: Young fan queues up to see pop star Olly Murs as he visits Wakefield

Olly Murs and Ollie Marco Harris
Olly Murs and Ollie Marco Harris

An Olly Murs super fan queued for five hours to meet the pop star when he came to the district to rehearse ahead of his UK tour.

Little Ollie Marco Harris of South Kirkby waited patiently at the town’s Production Park to be able to say hello to the singer, who shares his name.

Olly Murs

Olly Murs

And the five-year-old walked away beaming after getting his photograph taken with Olly, who rose to fame on talent show the X Factor.

His mum Cheryl Blanchard said: “Ollie waited so patiently outside Litestructures to see Olly.

“It’s his birthday on Saturday and he’s going to see Olly live at Sheffield on Friday.

“There was a crowd of about 20 people waiting. Ollie spent a while talking to Olly’s bus driver who was lovely.

“Then, when Olly came out he waited so patiently until everyone finished then I said ‘Ollie it’s your turn’.

“Olly Murs said ‘You’re Ollie too? Same as me?’. Ollie was absolutely star struck.

“He attend performing schools Stagecoach in Pontefract and Firelight Studios at Castleford as he dreams of being a star just like Olly Murs.”