‘Where were the gritters?’

WHERE were the gritters last Saturday?

Both my oldest daughter and son had near misses on roads that were bus routes so they should have been gritted.

My daughter, who is six months’ pregnant, had her three-year-old son and my other daughter in the car with her.

She was driving down Horsefair, approached the traffic lights at 15mph, braked as they were on red and the car didn’t stop. She swerved and came to a stop in front of the houses on Southgate, lucky for her no traffic was coming through the green lights at either side of her.

My son was on the Hemsworth bypass from Barnsley to Pontefract, came off the roundabout at Ackworth driving at 10mph, lost control, narrowly missing a metal post.

Neither of these rounds were gritted. Both journeys were necessary.

Doesn’t the council read the Met Office’s reports or even watch Calendar as the weathermen were telling us what to expect all week?

I’d like to know what its excuse was for not gritting. I was under the impression they have to grit bus routes every four hours in such bad weather and keep a log of it.

I am furious. Luckily everyone was shaken up but not hurt. What a waste of time WMDC is.


Richmond Terrace