Which way?

Which Way?
Which Way?

PEOPLE looking for a little direction may have found themselves at a loss to find their way after stumbling upon this pair of contradictory signs.

Express reader Russell Gibbins sent in this photograph taken earlier this week of a signpost outside the old Pontefract hospital on Mayor’s Walk.

The signs advise pedestrians to walk one way for the bus station and town centre but points wheelchair users and cyclists in the opposite direction.

Mr Gibbins, 48, of Hardwick Road, Pontefract, said: “I was just walking down the road from the doctor’s surgery and as I crossed the street and looked over, I thought ‘oh... what’s that!’

“It’s just funny – I thought it would give readers a laugh. I have a sneaky feeling it could have been like that for years.”

The Express contacted Wakefield Council for some clarification and a council spokeswoman confirmed the signs refer to former access paths to the now demolished hospital.

She added: “We would like to thank Mr Gibbins for making us aware of this. Somehow the signs have been rotated and clearly don’t make sense. We have now taken them down.”