Will policing turn military?

WITH the loss of 34,000 police personnel nationwide and a further 17,000 army personnel losing their jobs would the chief constable of West Yorkshire Police Force (who is losing up to 2,000 police and civilian personnel) like to make a statement to say the force under his control will not be changing from community policing to paramilitary?

What is the prospect of him sacking say 3,000 personnel and re-employing 1,000 ex-army personnel? Will he run West Yorkshire police like the B-specials in Northern Ireland in the 1960s?

History has seen that ex-army personnel put into the British Special Police Forces – like the Black and Tans and the Auxiliaries in the 1920s in Southern Ireland (which was part of Great Britain at that time.)

Please take time out to reassure the people of this democracy – who have a right to be informed – and remember they pay your salary.


Willow Court