Working hard for district

I WRITE in response to Arnie Craven’s letter, (Express, March 8 ‘What are we voting for?’)

He totally misrepresents Labour’s position. We do not take any vote for granted and realise we will have to work hard to retain the support of the electorate.

We have made it clear that in the face of cuts of £69 million over four years there will be huge pressure on our budgets. However we will ensure that wherever possible front line services are protected along with the most vulnerable.

We will be coming forward with further regeneration plans for Castleford, Pontefract and the rest of the Five Towns’ area.

We will also be investing £500,000 in new street cleaning equipment and an extra £1million a year for the next four years on highways improvements.

The Independent Audit Commission has said we are a four star, excellent authority and that we manage our finances well. And we do it with the second lowest council tax in the country. That’s the record we’ll be putting to the electorate.

Readers certainly don’t need me to tell them that UKIP know nothing about local issues and are simply Conservatives by another name.



Wakefield Council