‘Young have no options’

I WOULD like to share my thoughts and concerns for the youngsters of today leaving school and making their independant way into adulthood trying to find employment in this crazy, crazy world.

I was lucky enough to leave school on the Friday and start work on the Monday, like many more people in the 1980s working continuiously to this day.

I have a stepson who will be 18 in December who is currently studying at Wakefield College but would like to earn a bit of pocket money – like a thousand other school leavers – to explore the world with his mates, just like I wanted to do when I was his age.

He has tried and tried to find up to ten hours a week on days off which will give him the independence to mix with a wider audience of people, but the same old answer his given on the job description format – ‘experience preferred’.

How can you have experience when you have just left school, but you are willing to work for a few quid a week?

Youngsters need a direction in life to promote skills, and independence, which are diverted away to playing console games for hours on end to blank out rejection after rejection trying to find a few a hours week.

When are the powers-that-be going to wake up and take action before it’s too late? Or is nobody bothered about our youth today?


Wharfedale Drive