Appeal after crutch swiped from Valley Gardens

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This is an open letter to whoever took one half of a pair of crutches from the Valley Gardens at the end of the Yorkshire Day Event there.

It was certainly there during the early stages of packing the cars with all that we provided for your entertainment – but was not in the packing and was not in the Valley Gardens when searched for an hour later.

It may be that you were just ‘larking around’ with it – and dumped it elsewhere or took it home. It may be that it wasn’t you, but you know who it was. Did it not occur to you that its owner would be somewhat housebound without it? Parents, please ask your teenagers if they saw anyone removing it!

Nothing will be said, no action will be taken, but please return it either to the Express office on Front Street in Pontefract, or the library or somewhere, and leave a message on Friends of Valley Gardens Facebook page.

The owner would really like to be a little more mobile than at present!

Anne Rhodes

Secretary of Pontefract Friends of Valley Gardens

Carleton View