Call for end to inequality

FROM the 1990s we have been governed by pampered, inexperienced university graduates.

Through their incompetence they have taken us into an illegal war, allowed banks to dictate.

Fiddled their expenses, NHS in crisis, essential services suffering, not helped by the explosion in the UK’s population.

We are told the bubble has burst but we are all in it together! Then why are bank bosses earning over £1m plus bonus to match?

Council chief executives earning more than the prime minister at a time when council services and jobs are being cut. With little hope of a job being found, while some in a job are given free food parcels to stave off hunger.

Through mismanagement of yesterday’s and today’s governments, inequality is rife. Showing frustration and anger by joining street demonstrations or neglecting to vote rarely influences ministers, history proves this.

May I suggest, disgruntled electorates, use your vote. If you do not wish to vote for any nominee, with no box available to tick, demonstrate your view by writing NC (no confidence) on your ballot slip.

Imagine the implications. Repercussions! Hopefully sending a message loud and clear. Changes are needed to improve the inequality that exists in our society.


Castlesyke View