Castleford rehab centre would provide a second chance

I don’t agree with the people objecting to the proposed rehab centre (Express October 31), we already have these people on our streets living rough, the only way to make it a little better for themselves is getting drunk.

Before condemning the project give it a chance, if it fails then it closes. These poor homeless people deserve a chance in life, if it only helps a small percentage then it will have done some good.

In the 60s I had a great friend who was a star player for Castleford Rugby League. He turned to drink after his brother got killed in Yemen fighting for his country. My pal was found at the back of shops in Castleford, he had died from the effects of being drunk and homeless. I wonder if the rehab centre had been available he may have had a longer life – but who knows, he wasn’t given that chance.

Lawrence R Pease

Redhill Avenue