‘Disgusting but not surprising’

The story of the grandmother with cancer who has been declared fit to work is disgusting but not surprising (Express September 26).

This seems to be a common occurrence in all disabilities. Every week we read about it, whether it be an amputee, or someone with another debilitating illness like ME, fibromyalgia or motor neurone.

It makes me wonder what qualifications are needed to sit on these tribunals. Common sense is apparently not one, neither is compassion.

Then we hear of people actually ripping off the system and getting away with it, there is definitely something wrong with such a ‘system’ – once again it seems to be those unable to argue and fight back that become the easy targets.

The current situation coupled with the ‘bedroom tax’ really does seem like the lunatics have taken over the asylum

In the same issue we hear another tale of woe about the Pontefract Music Festival similar to that of 2012. The organisers say they need support, and unless there are more entries next year will be the last.

Perhaps if they were to accept offers of participation, it may solve the problem. Reading a similar article last year, I e-mailed an entry application to one of the named organisers, offering to participate with my poetry subject to work commitments which we could have worked around. I never received a reply. It seems a bit of inward looking is required.

Trevor Wainwright

Lower Oxford Street