Don’t rubbish town council’s work

I would like to reply to Brian Clayton’s letter (Express September 5) headlined ‘Who is to blame for the grot?’

Well Mr Clayton, who is to blame for the grot? It certainly is not the town council or councillors as you state. The areas in question are on private land and I can’t make people clear their land. I would like to see the areas redeveloped as they have been left for far too long.

You also mention asbestos in the Girnhill Lane mini park, which is absolute rubbish. To the people of the area that use this park – take no notice of Mr Clayton’s letter. The whole site was cleared and this nice park created for all to enjoy by the RCG Tenants’ and Residents’ Association Priory Road and Girnhill Lane Featherstone.

Mr Clayton, you also mention Peter Box’s salary and expenses of £46,000. Not only does this have nothing to do with grot spots or private land in Featherstone, but he is the leader of Wakefield Council. Do you expect a leader of the authority to be paid less? I don’t think so.

You also mention Lister Baths. This is in the past, why include this in your letter? It is obvious you want to try and create a split between the people of Featherstone.

The electorate will decide who to vote for. You are saying the people of Featherstone should form another party to eliminate the ruling party of the town council. I speak for myself. If anyone in Featherstone wants my seat on the town council when I’m up for election and they want to work for the south ward of Featherstone, I will shake their hand and wish them good luck.

I enjoy the role of town councillor and I’m proud of what we do for our community.

Did you notice, Mr Clayton, the new garden arrangement at the bottom of Station Lane? New baskets, flowers, new sign and a miner’s tub? This was a town council project for all to enjoy.

To the people of Featherstone, the town council is working for you and we are proud of that. I’ve just looked down the street, on the pavements there are crisp packets, empty drink cans, scratch cards and bottles. I suppose that is a councillor’s fault as well?

Then I looked the other way heading out of town and saw a bigger pile of rubbish - I realised it was Mr Clayton’s letter.

Coun John Jackson

Hartley Street