Featherstone ‘grot spots’ – who is to blame?

Featherstone abandoned sites are a blot on the town (Express August 15), but the only people who are to blame for the condition of Featherstone are the town and district councillors, not the general public.

There is money to be made out of being a district councillor.

Now let’s take the rubbish mentioned in the report. Almost a decade ago a certain person reported in writing the asbestos in the children’s play area on Girnhill Lane, Featherstone. It was reported to the town council and it is still there to this day. One would have thought that by now they would have disposed of it?

I am surprised that the general public of Featherstone do not form another party, like I did when they closed Lister Baths and formed the independents. This has been a thorn in the side of the Labour group ever since. The Lister Baths were given to the public of Featherstone by Lord Masham in 1910.

Perhaps the public of Featherstone should form a new party and eliminate the current ruling party altogether. There is already a well respected independent on the town council, who I think would welcome the public of Featherstone to come on board.

Brian Clayton

The Mount