Fine not enough to deter

I see that road police teams across the country are to increase the fine for using mobile phones while driving from £60 to £100. Does anyone really think this small increase will deter offenders? I personally don’t.

I use the M62 corridor between Pontefract and Bradford on a daily basis, including weekends.

Every day I see examples of poor and erratic driving, lane hogging and drivers unable to maintain a constant speed or unable to keep their vehicles in a straight line.

When I get opportunity to overtake I notice that the vast majority of these drivers are using a mobile phone, either chatting or texting. They seem totally oblivious to anything going on around them or the problems they are causing.

If it is really that crucial to make and receive calls while on the move there are plenty of hands-free kits on the market available to motorists at a price to suit all pockets. So there is no excuse.

Slightly more concerning though are the number of drivers I witness holding mobile phones on their steering wheels who appear to be watching video clips or TV and drivers operating or viewing tablet and laptop computers.

This to me is unforgivable and dangerous while driving on this busy stretch of motorway at speeds of 70 mph or more.

Unless there is an accident or breakdown on the route it is an extremely rare occurrence to see traffic police on the motorway.

If resource was available to actually catch these offenders, I would personally welcome a much higher fine to deter use of mobiles while driving, say £300 to £500 and six points for a first offence and some sort of ban for a second offence. This is the way to get the message across, not a measly £100 and a ticking off.

People have accidents and lose lives because of this unnecessary ‘habit’.

Gary Barker

Churchbalk Lane