Give Pontefract park run a go

I was more perplexed than usual when I read William Houlder’s latest letter (Express November 14).

Why would anyone need to catch a bus to go for a run? There are plenty of enjoyable walking and running routes around Pontefract and I can especially recommend Pontefract Park with its two mile racecourse circuit.

As a life-long runner and retired consultant physician, I recommend walking, jogging and running to maintain cardiovascular fitness and mobility, and you don’t need the expense of bus fares or car journeys to benefit.

For Bill Houlder in particular I suggest Pontefract parkrun, which takes place in Pontefract Park every Saturday at 9am. It’s a 5km (3.1m) run starting at the lakeside. It’s free and open to everyone and around 200 joggers and runners of all ages, sizes, shapes and abilities take part.

You don’t have to, but if you register on-line beforehand at you will get an email after the run with your time and placing. It’s enjoyable, sociable and a healthy start to the weekend, so come along this Saturday.

Dr Colin White