Good to see Featherstone being backed

I am writing in response to the negative letter about Taylor Wimpey sponsoring Featherstone Rovers (Express October 10). I for one am really pleased.

How many businesses on Green Lane sponsor anything in Featherstone? Not a lot. It is good to see businesses putting something back in.

It will be a tremendous boost for the town having these houses built. Okay there may be an increase in traffic, but hey! that’s life. There are traffic problems all over the district.

We need more houses. People have been leaving the town for years because of the lack of new homes. It will boost Station Lane and under subscribed schools like Purston Academy and the junior schools. There is a three million shortage of houses nationally. This scheme will transform a derelict area and create jobs for joiners, brickies, electricians, plumbers, plasterers and roofers. As far as I am concerned it is win, win, win for the town. Crack on.

George Birch

The Delph