Help find relatives of Elmsall soldier

5 Aug 2014.....Specialist painters Elisa Andreetti, Stephen Rickerby,Simone Scafiti and Lisa Shekede work to restore the high altar reredos at Doncaster Minster. Picture Scott Merrylees SM1004/48g

John Adam, department chairman for Doncaster and District Heritage Association

The Doncaster and District Heritage Association is working on a project to restore a First World War war memorial in Doncaster Minster.

One of the men named is Albert Walters who lived at 7 Brookside Terrace, South Elmsall, with his parents William and Bertha Walters.

Albert was killed in October 1916.

We would really like to trace any surviving relations of that Walters family as we intend to have a dedication ceremony sometime next year.

We would like to have as many relatives as possible attending.

The research team can be contacted by email at or by telephone on 01302 868774.

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