Help with family history

I AM researching my family history (Kinsey), a family which during the 19th and 20th centuries moved from Shropshire (during the start of the industrial revolution) to live in the Castleford and Normanton areas and many of them worked in the coal mines.

I was born in Castleford as was my father, but moved to and lived in Rhodesia and other parts of the world and during that time lost touch with most of the members of the Kinsey family.

I visited All Saints’ churchyard in Normanton recently and discovered the grave of my great grandfather Louis Kinsey (born 1855 and died after a coal fall at Haigh Moor pit in 1903 aged 47) and great grandmother Mary Jane Kinsey (nee Benson, born 1857 and died 1907).

The adjacent grave I discovered was that of his brother Enos Kinsey and his wife Sarah Jane Kinsey. The gravestone also commemorates their son Noah (KOYLI) who was killed in action at Flanders in 1917. A further nephew Sgt Herbert Edmund Kinsey was also killed in action (Northumberland Fusiliers) at Flanders in 1918.

Many of the Kinseys lived in Benson Lane, Normanton and as Mary Jane was a Benson, I think there might be a family connection.

I would like to communicate with anyone who is able to assist me with my research. For this I would be most appreciative.

Louis Kinsey, born 1938, son of Louis Kinsey (born 1908, died 1983). I am the eighth or ninth Louis Kinsey.


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