Is motorway scheme ‘managing’ it towards a toll?

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I felt a mixture of relief and suspicion on reading in Express July 25 that the upgrading of a section of the M62 to a ‘managed motorway’ was nearing completion.

Anyone who has had to endure the roadworks over the last three years will understand where I am coming from. There have been last minute and unannounced diversions and road closures every day since they started on the so-called improvements.

More than £150m is being spent on these alterations to the motorways in West Yorkshire, especially on the Pennine corridor – this is intended to improve the driving experience on the network.

They call it ‘managed motorways’. I call it getting all the systems in place, ready to start implementing toll road charges to drivers accessing the very busy M62 and M1 in West Yorkshire.

It might not happen for a couple of years, but you can bet your bottom dollar that it is not far off. The last few years has seen more cars paying low or no road tax and with the arrival of electric cars, the shortfall will need to be plugged – what better way to do it than charging drivers to use something they cannot do without.

Call me cynical, but improving the driving experience is not the primary aim. Grabbing our money is, and what better way than charging poeple for using the only viable way of getting around this part of the country?

S Crees

North Baileygate