Is Rovers’ sponsor timing coincidence?

Congratulations to Featherstone Rovers, what a scoop for majority shareholder Feisal Nahaboo and chief executive Craig Poskitt.

I refer to the sponsorship with Taylor Wimpy Yorkshire, which will become a principal partner of the Featherstone Foundation which works with schoolchildren. It’s good news for all the children who take part too.

But why now? Could it be the fact that the company plans to build about 450 houses on land adjacent to Post Office Road and Pontefract Road? Does it hope that this gesture will make the people of Featherstone think twice about protesting about increased traffic congestion, difficulty for pedestrians (especially the young and old) plus the extra time needed getting in and out of Featherstone?

The cost of this programme is minute compared to the profit it will make from this housing project. But nevermind, some children will have exceptional sports sessions which they may need to help them cross the roads quickly on their way to school.

T Tebbett

Bedford Close