Kindness after purse theft

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ON APRIL 30, my mum, who is 75, was at Hill Top at Knottingley with a friend.

She went to the post office to collect her pension and pay her rent and then decided to have a walk along the shops.

She went into the Prince of Wales Hospice shop where she purchased something, put her purse away into her shopping bag which was in her shopping trolley.

She and her friend then decided to go to the fish and chip shop two doors away for some dinner. When she went to get her purse out it was gone.

She went back to the hospice shop to see if she had left it there and she hadn’t. She then thought about a girl who had followed her around the shop and can only think this girl was a purse snatcher who had taken it. I hope she is very proud of herself.

Obviously my mum was very shaken and upset. The hospice staff had looked all around the shop but to no avail. They were really good to her, sat her down and gave her a drink until I arrived to take her home.

In the meantime a lady who was in the shop at the time had given the shop assistant £50 out of her own purse to give to my mum.

She did this anonymously and I would like to thank her for her generosity. We were very grateful as all my mum’s pension and £100 which she had saved for holidays were in the purse.

I contacted the police and was given a crime number but no-one came to see her for a statement.

The same evening my daughter was contacted by Jean McGuinness who had heard of my mum’s misfortune.

Jean’s eight-year-old daughter Zara has set up a charity for people who need help at times like this. Jean and Zara came to see my mum and arrived with flowers, cakes and cat food, also Zara gave my mum £30 from her charity, which we were most grateful for.

I had never heard of this charity but to think that a child of eight can set up a charity for less privileged people really touched me. This foundation needs applauding for the kindness and generosity they show people.

We would also like to thank the anonymous lady and the staff at the hospice for the help they gave my mum.


Fryston Road