Letter: 10-year-old has justice weighed up

Having read last week’s Court Report I asked my 10-year-old son: “What fines do you think these three naughty people received: producing cannabis (I had to explain cannabis but he knows about illicit drugs), spitting on the railway, assaulting a police officer?” His response: “£105, £50 and £150 (respectively).”

Not bad I thought for a 10-year-old, he seemed to have his priorities right. Then I quoted the court report which was £110 cannabis, £150 spitting and £70 assaulting a PC.

Magistrates please note, a 10-year-old has got a better grip on the severity of offending than you lot! I cannot believe that spitting, although socially repulsive, attracts over double the penalty of physically assaulting a keeper of the peace or cultivating illegal substances!

John Atha