Letter - A&E closures are madness

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I can hardly believe that the local hospital trust has decided after a consultation period that they are downgrading Dewsbury A&E department to a glorified cuts and scratches unit.

The decision has been made to centralise all major A&E at Pinderfields, so instead of having three hospitals with fully operational accident provision we will have just one.

It was bad enough when they downsized PGI and re-directed ‘Blue Light’ incidents to Wakefield, but to add Dewsbury’s workload to the mix is sheer madness.

Anyone who has ever visited these departments will know how busy they can get and how long you need to wait, so reducing the provision from three to one is farcical.

Who are these faceless individuals who sit in their air-conditioned offices making life and death decisions, without any real consideration of the consequences?

You can bet they don’t have to travel over ten miles to wait in a queue for hours to be attended to.

There have been many times when the emergency departments have been close to breaking point, so what sort of madman proposes shutting down two out of three of these units?

Can you imagine what Pinderfields will be like on a busy Saturday night in December, when all accident case in West Yorkshie are stacking up in ambulances outside in the car park?

It seems to me that whatever qualifications you need to be a hospital administrator it certainly is not a degree in common sense.

S Crees

North Baileygate