Letter - Aid should stay at home

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Saw the Wakefield Council leader Peter Box on local TV bemoaning the fact that they, the council, will have to make more cutbacks to whatever facilities we have remaining.

This time it’s to our swimming pools along with 1,000 council employees. What next?

Can’t cut back on road repairs cos we don’t fill pot holes in so we couldn’t save owt there. Same with litter.

It’s the same old adage, government cutbacks. Isn’t it about time these supposedly prominent people stood up and be counted, and told the government that enough is enough.

Tell the government that instead of shovelling billions & billions of pounds in overseas aid, which is filched by corrupt organisations before it arrives, pump the equivalent amount into our economy and let our society benefit.

Haven’t seen one MP from any party stand up in parliament and say no to overseas aid. Whichever country has a crisis, and there are plenty, the government can’t wait to jump on the bandwagon and throw billions and billions of pounds as if it was confetti, at their problem, not ours, theirs.

We could make big savings to the budget by making members of the committee redundant in line with cutbacks. Not fair that their “jobs” and salaries should be ring fenced when other peoples aren’t.

David Cameron is always telling us that “we are all in this together”.

Norman Hopton

Lumley Mount