Letter - ‘All he did was vote for his people’

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I read with disbelief and complete disgust that Steve Tulley (Wakefield District councillor for South Elmsall) had been suspended by Wakefield Council’s ruling Labour party.

All the poor man did was to simply vote as his local community constituents would expect him to vote. All he wanted to do was to allow a grant to be paid to his local parish council, a grant that should have been passed on to all the local parish councils.

The councillors who voted to suspend Mr Tulley should hang their heads in shame.

We hear so much much about democracy from the left, but they simply don’t apply it in their actions and decisions. Coun Stokes I feel is just the poor fall guy for the regime.

As we live in a fully democratic society, I’m sure that local residents of all political persuasions would like full and proper answers to the following questions.

1 Who suggested the idea of suspension?

2 Who voted?

3 How did the votes turn out?

No doubt someone on the council will find some excuse to avoid giving us this important information.

We appear to have a one-man council with all the Labour members complying with his request and demands.

I’m sure your average person doesn’t want a heavily politicised council (which it is), it just needs to be run for the benefit of the residents and not the council staff and councillors.

John Hardman

Denton Gardens