Letter - Attitude over car owners

I take it the author of the recent anti-freebie for disabled drivers is a petrolhead?

It shows their general dislike of anyone ‘getting to use the roads for nothing’ attitude.

While they themselves like to disparage vehicle excise duty as ‘road tax’, failing to note that like speeding fines ,VED is only paid by a few self-selected vehicle owners.

By far the majority of car owners don’t see a need for expensive gas guzzlers. They can live quite happily with a quite sophisticated machine that sits quietly in their lifestyle. And in reality goes as fast as the rest of the traffic queue.

Which is why a certain British motor-racing driver commutes in a ‘granny’ car. It starts first time, every time and no petrolhead ever gave a granny-car a derisive ‘salute’.

William J Houlder

Queens Avenue