Letter - Beware of computer conmen

Here we go again, with yet another round of answering the phone to con men. A very convincing chap purporting to be from Microsoft Technical Support calls you about a report that your internet service provider has reported faults on your computer. You of course follow his instructions to rid your computer of the problems, which actually gives him control of your PC. Pay him for the service and he’ll empty your bank account. Fail to pay him and he locks you out of your own computer while he goes searching for your personal and banking details.

We have had several phone calls from customers recently, usually in a bit of a panic. We can resecure your computer and the bank may refund your money, but oh the inconvenience. Seems these con men think it’s time to fleece people once again with this long-running scam. Unfortunately a lot of people can be taken in by these methods because of their lack of knowledge of computer problems. So take care and please remember; Microsoft don’t make house calls.

Keith Sorrell

Development manager

Airedale Computers

Stansfield Road