Letter - Car parking concerns over Castleford Tigers stadium plans

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I recently attended one of the public exhibition meetings organized by the Lateral Property Group in regard to the £135m development at Glasshoughton.

Having digested what information that was available and read the booklet on what the project entails, it appeared that most aspects had been reviewed and everything of major importance had been taken into account.

Everything that is, but the local residents themselves. No one it appears has given a thought on the impact of the people and the properties that are located in the immediate vicinity of this development.

The flow of traffic on Park Road is at most times bumper to bumper. Weekends and Bank Holidays the problems just escalate.

With vehicles destined to and from the motorway, Xscape, Junction 32 and the through traffic, especially heavy goods vehicles, which generally use Castleford as a short cut. Merging onto Park Road in either direction from local residences is currently difficult enough.

This no doubt this will be further effected by the proposed plans to open a Sainsbury’s and an Aldi supermarket close by.

According to the development plans the rugby stadium, retail outlet, petrol station and food store, within the complex (do we really need another retail outlet, food store or petrol station) will provide car parking spaces for 600 plus vehicles. The stadium itself will have the capacity for 10,000 people, so obviously not everyone will be able to park within the complex, or will not want to because of the “one way in, one way out” system that, according to the plans, will be in operation.

My concern, and it is a concern shared by the majority of the neighbourhood, that the rugby supporters and also the shoppers will park their vehicles adjacent to the properties on Park Road and Stainburn Avenue, thus blocking access and making it impossible for residents to park in front of their own houses. This I feel will certainly have an adverse effect when the properties require to be valued. But probably not when the ratable value of the properties are next calculated.

In recent years an action group was formed to protest against the building of a recycling plant on Wheldale Road. Traffic congestion and road safety were two of the main points highlighted in this protest. Although I’m sure that many of the people against the plan were more than a little concerned what effect the recycling plant would have on themselves and their properties.

The protest of course was successful.

Pontefract and Castleford MP Yvette Cooper stated at the time “Like many people, I’m concerned particularly about the traffic implications. Local people are entitled to know what the impact would be. We need a full assessment of the traffic implications on the whole town as soon as possible”.

Are the local people of Glasshoughton then not required to know what the real impact would be if and when this development is completed?

M Lee

Park Road